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Our Offer

Accelerated Protection is our award-winning insurance offer - a combination of innovative product and smart technology, supported by outstanding service.

With Accelerated Protection, you and your clients benefit from:
  • Cover that is suited to all ages and demographics with the ability to meet changing needs;
  • Flexible options to package, structure and fund affordable and comprehensive insurance solutions;
  • The choice of feature-rich cover or standard plans;
  • A product range that is highly rated by independent research houses;
  • Value for money and market competitive premiums.

An award-winning product range

Life Insurance
  • A Financial Planning Benefit of up to $5,000.
  • Built-in Child’s Critical Illness cover of $10,000, at no extra cost.
  • A Guaranteed Future Insurability Benefit allowing your clients to increase their cover without underwriting.
  • The ability to ‘link’ Total and Permanent Disability insurance with Critical Illness insurance to take advantage of the benefits of holding life insurance in a superannuation environment.

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Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
  • A choice of definitions: Any Occupation, Own Occupation and Activities of Daily Living.
  • Flexible structure options:
    • Stand Alone TPD
    • Attached - where a TPD insurance policy is attached to Life insurance or Critical Illness insurance.
    • Linked - where TPD cover is held outside of superannuation, with Life insurance within superannuation.
    • Superlinked - where Own Occupation TPD cover can be split between superannuation and non-superannuation.

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Critical Illness Insurance
  • Comprehensive and flexible protection, with two levels of cover:
    • Critical Illness Premier - includes an Advancement Benefit and Female Critical Illness Benefit which provides partial payments for less severe conditions. It also includes a Needlestick benefit at no extra cost.
    • Critical Illness Standard - highly rated protection covering 38 Critical Illness events.

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Income Protection
  • Comprehensive and flexible protection with three levels of cover:
    • Income Protection Premier - our most comprehensive cover for professionals.
    • Income Protection Standard - comprehensive cover at an affordable price with an optional Mental Health Discount Option.
    • Income Protection Optimal - our unique and affordable Income Protection offering which can pay up to 95% of pre-disability earnings for some claims.

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Business Expense Insurance
  • No requirement for your clients to provide financials in the first three months of a claim.
  • A built-in payment extension benefit allows your clients to claim for longer than 12 months, if the entire benefit amount has not been exhausted.
  • A built-in lease extension benefit where TAL will pay an additional benefit for up to 18 months if the Life Insured is still totally disabled at the end of the benefit period.

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Life insurance solutions for all your clients

TAL understands that your clients need life insurance cover that can be adapted to their changing circumstances. Accelerated Protection offers flexible product benefits that can be tailored to all your clients’ needs, regardless of their life stage or profession:

TAL was awarded Canstar's Outstanding Value - Income Protection award in 2017. For more information, please visit Canstar.

Adviser tools and technologies

TAL has a strong history of innovation in the life insurance industry – from leading the way in mobile quoting technology (Accelerated iQuote) to pioneering automated underwriting in Australia. We keep pace with emerging trends and the increasingly diverse needs of our connected customers.

Our team of in-house IT professionals are focused and skilled at delivering regular enhancements and features that make doing business with TAL faster and easier.

TAL Adviser Centre

Manage the entire lifecycle of your clients via our convenient and secure online business portal, the TAL Adviser Centre.

The TAL Adviser Centre offers you access to all the tools and resources that you need to do business with us – from sales and application, through to servicing in-force business and making a claim.


Grow your market opportunity and reduce sales and marketing costs with our extensive partnership, technical, marketing, and sales materials which are available online. This includes access to our Forms and Documents Centre, a central repository for all your essential TAL materials.


Our online Quote and Apply capability is your gateway to getting your clients protected fast. We offer a fully integrated solution from the quotation, right through to submitting an Accelerated Protection application.


We offer you everything you need to service your TAL business: in-depth reporting insights such as applications in progress, online claim notification and lodgement facilities, key contact information, self service capabilities, and much more.


By bringing together the best people, processes, technologies and procedures we aim to provide you and your clients with a seamless claims experience. From the TAL Adviser Centre, you are equipped with information about each stage of our claims process and can easily notify us of a claim, as well as securely lodge important claim forms.

Smart solutions for your business

We focus on the development of technologies that bring greater efficiencies to every stage of the life insurance process.


Provide your prospective clients with a quick quote while you are on the go with Accelerated iQuote, TAL’s iPhone application. iQuote allows you to transition your opportunities easily from quote to application via your mobile device.

iQuote can be downloaded from the iTunes store, free of charge.


Accelerated Protection xQuote is TAL’s desktop-based quoting solution that lets you provide quotes in situations where internet access is not available.  Once you are back online the quotes can be uploaded to the TAL Adviser Centre to proceed to application.

Accelerate Connect

We recognise that life insurance comparators are an essential part of your practice so we developed Accelerate Connect.

Accelerate Connect is our ‘one click’ system that integrates comparator software such as IRESS Xplan, Omnium and Life Risk Online with the TAL online application. The integration allows information to be passed easily between the two systems, saving you the time and inconvenience of re-keying client data.

Solutions-focused underwriting

TAL takes an innovative and flexible approach to underwriting that understands that every individual has a unique risk profile, and works to provide a solution that delivers the best possible outcome.

We have a reputation for underwriting innovation - pioneering automated underwriting and tele-underwriting in Australia. Our advanced underwriting rules engine (URE) automates new business submissions using sophisticated logic that dramatically reduces the need for traditional underwriting requirements. Simplifying the underwriting process allows us to offer you industry-leading decision times on policy applications.

By reducing traditional barriers to obtaining cover, optimising our underwriting with Straight Through Processing initiatives and adopting a customer-centric approach in our new business application, TAL offers a streamlined and personal underwriting experience.

Underwriting services

Pre-assessments Reduce delays and speed up the application process with TAL’s pre-assessment underwriting service. Our pre-assessments are conducted over the phone or online by our underwriting team. You can also request a pre-assessment by fax or by post.

We also have in-house medical and financial experts to assist our Underwriters to place your business quickly.
Financial underwriting We take into account the unique merits of each client’s situation, allowing you to provide cover to as many of your clients as possible with our tailored financial underwriting approach. In many cases, this allows cover to be issued even for non-standard cases.

For particularly large or complex cases, we have a hotline available to our financial underwriting experts. We can also call your client’s accountant directly if required
Tele-interviewing Free up your time while facilitating a faster application process with TAL’s tele-interviewing service. Simply hand-over online applications to our Tele-interview team for the completion of a Personal Statement (Health & Lifestyle) questions.
Tele-underwriting Accelerated Tele-underwriting is a fast and efficient way to assess applications which require further underwriting after the initial application is completed.

One of TAL’s Underwriters calls your client to ask specific, relevant questions in relation to any disclosures made on their application form. Our aim is to quickly finalise applications without the need for further evidence, such as medical reports or medical examinations.

Paying claims is why we're here

At claim time we want to make sure we deliver the right outcome in the fastest possible times, with a focus on providing compassionate, timely and knowledgeable support.

Our specialist claims team is made up of skilled claims professionals who work with you and your client to provide support through what is often an emotional and physically challenging time. It is about being there and making sure your clients get the best outcome when it counts the most.

Helping more Australians keep living the life they love

Last year, we paid more than $1.4 billion in claims to over 23,000 customers. That's an average of $26 million every week. For more information, refer to our Claims Statistics 2017.

Claims services

By bringing together the best people, processes, technologies and procedures we aim to provide you and your clients with a seamless claims experience. As each claim is unique, it takes all types of expertise and knowledge to deliver the best results. Our team members come from numerous and varied backgrounds – bringing a wealth of experience and insight into each and every claim.

Dedicated case management Both you and your clients have nominated points of contact to discuss general claims inquiries or escalations relating to existing claims.
Client support To navigate your client through the claims process, we equip them with a TAL claim guide, which is specific to their cover type and outlines what to expect.
Claims tele-interviewing Our Case Managers can perform a Tele-interview with your client to seek clarification and obtain necessary information during the assessment of their claim. This service helps with a prompt claim assessment and decision by offering an efficient way to discuss your client’s individual circumstances.
Specialist services Naturally some claims require individualised attention. Should this occur, your client’s Case Manager has access to specialist's input during the assessment and ongoing management of your client’s claim.
Rehabilitation We offer a tailored and hands on approach to return to work planning and assistance with an experienced Rehabilitation Adviser to assist your client’s return to health.
Grief Counselling We provide support to family members who have lost their loved one, with access to discreet and professional counselling. This service is available for lump sum policies and is available to the life insured and immediate family members.

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